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Wood Siding

Universal Painting takes the strain out of exterior home remodeling projects
or maintenance - and places it in the hands of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing high quality work and outstanding customer service.

Your home's wood siding is constantly exposed to the elements and needs repair on regularly basis.  Flaws such as cracks, splits, holes, buckles and loose pieces show up from time to time.

Wood siding can last for years if correctly maintained and treated. Inclement weather, insect infestations and just normal wear and tear can occasionally leave wood siding looking dilapidated and tired. Our wood siding repair team is available to provide a perfect solution to all of your wood siding problems.


Known for its versatile appearance, ready availability, and durability, stucco remains a popular finish for many commercial and residential structures. However, damage can occur, whether on older installations or poorly installed newer ones.

Universal Painting can repair damaged stucco, match the surrounding surface texture and color match to blend the repair. 
Our craftsmen apply their knowledge and skills to ensure a near seamless transition from the old stucco to the new.

Stucco, like plaster, brick, and other siding materials can become cracked or damaged over time. Settling soil, foundation problems, exposure to the elements, and other factors take their toll on stucco. You can count on the Universal Painting experts to assess the damage, address the underlying cause, and repair your stucco.

We offer free stucco estimates.
And our promise is complete satisfaction!

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