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Stucco and Concrete Surfaces

Our crews mechanically high pressure water wash to remove dirt, dust, contaminants and loose paint from surfaces. We allow all surfaces to dry before any application of paint.

Stucco Cracks and Holes

Large cracks are V-grooved and all other surface defects, such as holes are repaired using appropriate patching materials to match the surrounding surface profile. Once dry, we dust the surface and spot prime all patched area with an appropriate primer.

Wood Surfaces

Dirt, chalk and surface contaminants that will interfere with adhesion of subsequent coats are removed without damaging the substrates or adjacent area. The area is washed and mildew treated if necessary. We wire brush all loose and peeling paint and dust surfaces. We then use scrapers, sanders or grinders to create a feather-edge. All of the above procedures are followed by a spot prime, or a complete prime if needed.

Metal Surfaces

We wire brush, hand sand or power sand all surface to create a featherdge. Dirt, contaminants, oxidation or rust are removed. Bare metal areas are primed with the appropriate preventive primers immediately upon completion of surface painting preparation.


We protect all adjacent areas and surfaces during the preparation and painting period (i.e windows, landscape, lighting, automobiles, walkways, asphalt, concrete, lawns, bushes, plants, flowers, patio furniture etc.). All materials kept in a designated area, and the space shall be kept clean and orderly at all times. Any debris caused by the preparation and painting will be cleaned up at the end of each day.


Materials shall be top quality and delivered to the project in original unbroken packages bearing the makers name and brand number. All materials will comply with all current environmental laws, the appropriate Air Pollution Control District and all other local, state or Federal agencies. We apply the primer and finish coats using the highest quality applicators (airless paint sprayers, rollers and brushes).

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